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Front Cover of Wine Spectator’s November 2015 Edition


Peter’s article inside look at the Rudy Kurniawan trial was featured on the cover page of Wine Spectator’s November 30, 2015 publication. The article, “Catching Dr. Conti,” tells the inside story of how law enforcement brought down America’s most notorious rare wine forger. Find it on newstands now or subscribe to Wine Spectator.



The Best Books for Wine Lovers

The Wall Street Journal published Peter’s article “The Best Books for Wine Lovers” on November 20, 2015. Searching for “wine” on Amazon yields nearly 200,000 results. Read the article and your list will be whittled to the best of them. Great advice for holiday gift-giving. See the article in WSJ. 


Peter’s Book Review, “A Pestilence of Bombs” in Wall Street Journal

book review

As the 60s gave way to the 70s, American radicals turned into violent revolutionaries. Read Peter’s book review of Bryan Burrough’s new book “Days of Rage,” which chronicles this tumultuous time period.

View a PDF of the “Days of Rage” book review or read it online on 

Chief, Classic Cases from the Files of the Chief of Detectives, by Albert Seedman & Peter Hellman


“Fascinating! Seedman recounts with vividness and detail…crimes that were page one stories. Excellent!–NY Times.

See a list of other articles and books I have written.

The Auscwhitz Album, a Book based Upon an Album Discovered by a Concentration Camp Survivor, Lili Meier, Text by Peter Hellman

It was strictly forbidden, even to SS personnel, to photograph Jews arriving at the Birkenau Killing Facility barely one mile from the main Auschwitz camp. The exception was made, by an unknown official, for the camp’s staff photographers to make these authorized photos in spring 1944 at the height of the deportation of Hungarian Jews. These 185 photos are the only images of Jews tumbling out of the boxcars at the most infamous site of Nazi criminality. The photographer scrupulously avoided any scenes of violence, even as the victims were about to be murdered. A momentous and unique record of Nazi criminality–and, as=as these photos cannot hide, the dignity of the victims..

.auschwitz album cover

Rudy Kurniawan Sentenced to 10 years in Jail

After Peter spent multiple years covering the case of Rudy Kurniawan and his fake wines, the last chapter may have unfolded in August as U.S. District Judge Richard Berman sentenced him to 10 years in prison. Once dubbed ‘Dr. Conti,” Rudy faces a decade in jail and will be forced to pay back hundreds of millions of dollars in restitution. Read the story on

Rudy Kurniawan Peter Hellman

Rudy Kurniawan will spend 10 years in prison for wine fraud.


Tonight– June 13– Watch Peter on ABC 20/20

Watch Peter tonight at 10 PM on ABC 20/20. He’ll be interviewed about fake wines and the Rudy Kurniawan case. Can’t watch it live? Find the replay on @volnay64.  #BillKoch


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